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About UsWelcome and thank you for visiting the Wolfe Bandit website. I am Jody Wolfe and I live in Birmingham, Alabama.  I  was a  police officer during the 70’s and after that became self employed in the auto repair business. While a cop I pulled over a young lady who became my wife. We made our 1st trip to Bikeweek in 1996 on a 1994 Fatboy and after 25 years of marriage I lost my wife to cancer. Still “single” my next trip to Daytona Beach Bikeweek in March 2005 will be my lucky #13. I have thoroughly enjoyed each visit and always start the countdown to the next event months in advance. By the way, this is not a Bikeweek ad, it is my way of explaining my idea.

As I was preparing for Bikeweek in 2004 I wanted an edge, something I would like to wear to be a little different. Like those guys you see in the endless lines of motorcycles on Main Street parading and showing off their stuff. I have seen Indian headdresses, viking horns, wedding gowns, spiked helmets, Nazi helmets, N.F.L. helmets, there’s the 10 ft. long Choppers that sound like the Saturn V just lifted off, a rear tire as wide as any dragster, a 300lb driver with a pierced nose and earrings and 110lb centerfold model passenger with nothing but blond hair and a bikini with stars and stripes. I’ve seen 1957 Chevy motorcycles, The Boss Hoss (V-8 engine) motorcycles, Cushman Eagles, Mopeds, Honda’s as big as cars and Yamaha’s with blinding chrome. Not to forget the Indians and Harley’s that are big dogs, bad dogs and just plain ole dogs. The biggest, baddest and best looking Choppers in the world come to Bikeweek to show off. All the above results in thousands of rolls of film being taken so someone like me on my Black 2002 Heritage Softtail Classic in line with thousands of other motorcycles has to have something on them or under them to blend in because thousands of people are looking at you as you ride by. The Wolfe Bandit certainly doesn’t merit being photographed. However, it helps to blend in.

The Wolfe Bandit is simply an idea that would make Jody Wolfe look cool along with 600,000 other bikers and visitors, and I’m speaking of only one event. Although the “Bandit” was originally designed by me, for me, the reviews and interests among friends and bikers was high.

The Bandit did more than I thought. You know when you ride down any beach road you have blowing sand,right? Driving near Sturgis, blowing sand and dust,right? Thunder on the beach in Panama City, Florida or Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, blowing sand. The sand stings and so do the bugs. No one wants to put a toboggan on or any other full face covering as far as that goes, not in 100 degrees. This is where the Bandit comes in. The Bandit does the same job without hiding your face. It gives protection as well as looks. The Bandit went from a “looks thing” to performing an actual use.

The excitement grew when my daughter, Tammy Wolfe Holliman took interest and designed the Bandit logo thus creating “Wolfe Bandit”.  Tammy was in law enforcement as a police officer until an unfortunate accident. However, hopefully soon she will be able to rejoin the ranks with the local sheriff’s dept.  Erica Wolfe Thornton is my youngest daughter who is a vet assistant and on occasion has to tend to her own horse, Turk. I had to explain, her horse and my horse were different. Erica has accompanied me to Bikeweek and has experienced first hand the smell of fuel and nitro and of burning rubber. The awesome sound of loud pipes, chrome and iron horses as far as the eye can see. Two of Erica’s closest friends are Brooke and her husband Jared. They are from Birmingham, Alabama too.

Brooke and Jared are the main models for the Wolfe Bandit. They are the typical motorcycle riders with an attitude. Jared is an avid website designer and Brooke has interest in the 4 legged horse besides the “Iron Horse”. Brooke and Erica would gladly ride down Main St. if they were permitted on their real horses. Erica is the blond with the Bandit and Brooke the brunette. Tammy, the redhead is the photographer.

The 2004 Bikeweek was the 1st time I wore and showed the Bandit in public. It didn’t take long for me to make the decision to cease showing it off because of the interest it was creating and for the 1st time I saw the potential.  Now, with the Copyright in hand the Wolfe Bandit will make it’s debut in Alabama’s largest  Motorcycle Dealership here in Birmingham. This will occur in early February 2005 and then off we go to Daytona’s Bikeweek in early March 2005.

I personally make every Wolfe Bandit from buying the material, designing, cutting, sewing, snipping, fitting, sizing and “voila” the “Wolfe Bandit” takes shape and is now available to the public.

A few facts about the Bandit:

  • The Bandit has a sport look and will compliment anyone.
  • As quick and easy to put on as a pair of sunglasses.
  • A quick and easy fold and it slips into your back pocket.
  • It takes half the space of a wallet.
  • The Bandit wears comfortably with helmet and sunglasses without interference.
  • The Bandit has been tested at high speeds (90 mph) and remains securely in place.
  • The Bandit reduces wind friction on your face while driving at interstate speeds resulting in less wind burn.
  • The Bandit is comfortable from 99 degrees to 29 degrees.
  • The Bandit compliments the full motorcycle gear, chaps, vest, gloves, jacket, bandanna, helmet, sunglasses and boots.
  • The Bandit provides protection from blowing sand or the 80 ft. long semi that just passed you. And those bugs, they sting no more.
  • Every Wolfe Bandit is designed and made by Jody Wolfe, a full blooded born in the USA dixieland American.

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    Thank You everyone who allowed me to post pictures on Daytona Beach Bikeweek 2010…..Jody

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